About us



'Hermetic-Trade' company has a long history and successful experience

Who we are

The company was founded in 1994 and started its activities with the distribution of adhesives and sealants in Moscow and Moscow region. Fairly quickly "Hermetic-Trade" from a small trading company has become one of the leaders in the Russian market of construction chemicals with an extensive distribution network and gained  a reputation as a reliable partner.

1998 - In a crisis "Hermetic-Trade" not only survived but has also demonstrated positive dynamics of development, keeping the main thing - the trust of clients and professional management team.

2002 - Company provides distribution of well-known brands in Moscow. Appears Division of regional sales. Today sealant Trade produces supplies virtually all of Russia from the Far East to North-West region.

2004 - The company establishes a partnership with one of the world's largest manufacturers of sealants Den Braven, and since 2005, "Sealing Trade" launhes its own brands in European factories Den Braven.

2006 - Signed direct contracts with Akzo Nobel (in terms of sales of products Akzo Nobel "Hermetic-Trade" takes the third place in Russia), Bostik (trademarks Quelyd, Tarbicol).

2008 - Hermetic-Trade became the official distributor of Henkel.

2009 - A department of quality control and registration of Technical Specifications on the production of own brands started activity.

'Hermetic-Trade' is one of the largest distributors of liquid nails ICI Macco Liquid Nails in Russia.

2010 - A well-known Russian brend of foams and seals  'Master Gvozd' had been registrated, new staff was released as well.

2011  -  Hermetic-Trade released a new series of foams and seals of extra-quality - 'GTand'. A new customer service named 'Mobile-shop'  has been launched in Moscow region. 

2013  - New items 'Hobby' and 'GTand' as well as  an absolutely new trend of distributing of powder coating colours 'PEKA' have been realized.

2016 Growing and developing of our brands 'Hobby', 'GTand', 'Master Gvozd', 'Chip'. The new project of distribution of powder coating colours 'AMIKA'  has been realised.

Our advantages

A wide range of materials in different price segments, high quality and famous brands, speed and additional service (free delivery, work 'by order' etc.), competitive pricing policy.

The company main objectives

The provision of modern technological materials of construction chemicals, providing quality service to customers, build a solid foundation for the development businesses based on strong partnership.

The Hermetic-Trade's own brands are "CHIP", "HOBBY", "Master Nail" and "GTand". Polyurethane foams, sealants, adhesives, adhesive tapes and other materials with these names become part of the Russian market and a foothold in consumer preferences.


Our goals

Providing consumers with modern tech construction chemicals;  providing quality service to customers; creating a solid foundation for business development through strong partnership.


What we could offer youAMS


Pistols professional; household; summer, seasonal, winter up to -18 degrees; cleaners (read more).


Acrylic; silicone; MS-polymers;  flame retardant; aquarium; bitumen; rubber; vinyl; sealants for wood, mirrors, PVC (read more).


Wood and plastic; enamel; mirrors, glass, textiles, etc; flooring, skirting  boards; furniture, window sills; doors, slopes, MDF, etc. (read more).


Masking tapes, adhesive tapes  (read more).


Wallpaper adhesives; wood adhesives; parquet adhesives; PVC adhesives;  lawn adhesives; epoxy; super; polyurethane; multi-purpose,  etc. (read more).


Aerosol; for metal and rust; for effects; interior; thermo; for wood floors, etc. (read more).


Universal coating; polyurethane adhesive for parquet; dispersion adhesive for parquet;  two component adhesive for parquet;  adhesives for plywood and parquet, etc. (read more).



Our partners  


Peka Chemie Company, Iran, is one of the biggest producers of different kinds of industrial coatings in Middle East region.


Trelleborg Sealing Solution is a leading global manufacturer of high-tech sealing solutions for industrial, aerospace and automotive industries.


Selena Grope is the worlds fourth largest producer of polyurethane foam with a long tradition.  


Caparol is one of themselves major producers of lacquers and paints in Europe (Germany).


Company Elf Filling was formed in 2000 to the present time, mastered the production of a wide range of products ranging from chemical goods and cosmetics, paint in spray cans to the epoxy compounds in consumer packing.


The Dutch company Bison International the European leader in the manufacture of household and industrial adhesives and sealants. The companys products  under the trademark BISON spread throughout the world and is widely known in more than 60 countries.


Bostik is the worlds largest manufacturer of adhesives for industrial and domestic purposes. The range of companies wallpaper adhesives and tools for preparation of the walls, the products for  laying floor coverings, resin to create a self-leveling floors.


Manufacturer of sealing materials  for insulation and repair work (Finland).

TITEBOND Franklin International 

Titebond Franklin International manufacturer of assembly adhesives, sealants, a world leader in the manufacture of adhesives for wood.


Plant Den Braven a world leader in the manufacture of silicones, polyurethane foam, adhesives for different purposes and their derivatives, as well as the largest supplier of raw materials for their production worldwide. Has affiliated factories in many countries in Europe and the Mediterranean. Headquartered in Netherlands.


DAP the largest manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, acrylics, spray paint, etc.


Henkel is one  of the worlds leading suppliers of adhesives, sealants and surface treatments for customers, builders and industrial enterprises.


Our contacts

E-Mail: info@hermetic-trade.ru